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We're happy to answer any questions you might have for us. Take a look below to read through our frequently asked questions, should your question not be listed there, don't hesitate to call our team on 07958 291 950 for further assistance regarding our cleaning service.

"We would highly recommend After 5 for their cleaning services ... our landlords have been highly delighted with the high standard of the cleaning. We have found After 5 to be a very professional and reliable company to deal with."


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Any additional questions about our cleaning service? Ask us on: 07958 291 950

1. Our Employees

All our employees have been vetted through a rigorous process, including checking their

references, proof of address, identification and permission to work in the UK. Only if we are satisfied with the above and following an initial training programme, are they permitted to work for our company.


2. Can I specify the day/time the work is done?

Yes, it can be done on the day/time of your choice.


3. What happens if you are not satisfied with the service?

Contact us and we will rectify it without any additional charge and ensure that it does not reoccur.


4. Do I have to use my own materials and equipment?

On a regular basis, you have to provide all the necessary materials/equipment. We can also offer eco and environmentally friendly chemicals that you can try. For commercial and other more specialised services, we will use our own materials.


5. Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have comprehensive indemnity insurance.


6. Who do you pay

You pay us and we pay the cleaner.


7. What is the minimum number of hours for a cleaner?

Two hours is the minimum on a weekly basis and three hours per visit per fortnight.


8. How many cleaners do you send?

The number of cleaners will depend on the extent of the cleaning job.


9. Do I need to pay Congestion Charge If I'm living within its zone?

You will have to pay the Congestion Charge only if you book a steam cleaning service or require us to supply materials.


10. What should I do if I want to cancel the booking?

It will be regretful, but in that case, you should call us or email us 24 hours in advance or you may still be liable for payment.

Frequently asked domestic and commercial cleaning questions