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What to look for when hiring your office cleaning company

By afterfivec18086469, May 26 2015 07:43PM

“The workplace needs be clean and tidy”. That is the golden rule most businesses apply. If the office environment is good the staff feel better and are happier with their operational surrounding. If the office environment is clean and tidy the productivity levels are higher. Actually this has been proved!

There are many office cleaning services available who will be willing to help you, services who can actually deliver the job (and not a job) or services covered by a liability insurance of up to millions (and millions). However making the right decision is going to require a bit more than that.

A reliable and customer-centric is what you are first looking for. These are key aspects to consider when hiring. Personnel who are prepared to be there for when you need them and who you can have an open and honest rapport, welcome feedback, are responsive, people you can speak to and understand what you want and where you want to get to. Many are looking for a company that is competitive and reasonably priced but it may be better off paying a little bit more and have the re-assurance you have found the best you could ever hire. Do shop around? Surely trust should always outweigh a cheap price -every time.

You need to be on the lookout for a company which offers a wide range of services. Office cleaning nowadays encompasses so many tasks. It may well be the occasional windows inside and out, that carpet that needs to be steam cleaned, some waste to be disposed of, curtains to be dropped and collected from the laundry, specific machinery used in the office and so one -yet you do not want to hire a second company. On the other hand you may even be looking for an ultra green company which only uses environmentally harmless products.

Your cleaners should be highly trained people who understand what confidentiality means, are efficient and equally important friendly and approachable. The cleaning company you hire needs to be flexible and be able to adjust their cleaners schedule whenever you require them and without any hassle. If you have an important meeting on a certain time and day or even during a weekend you would need them there too. Some cleaning companies may charge extra if you do not give sufficient notice and a change affecting the agreed time and day is requested with less than 24 hours prior notice.

You want to work with a company which can be endorsed by previous or existing clients –even if these are your competitors (good, bad or ugly). You will be glad to hear they were or are satisfied with the level of service received.

Lastly, always make sure that your expectations fall within the limit of the cleaner service provided.

May 15 2018 05:00PM by Jocelyn McDonald

My brother is looking at a building to start a new business in, but I noticed the place is pretty dirty and is in need of clean-up before anyone can work there. Your article about things to look for when hiring an office cleaning company was very helpful. I like the point you made about choosing a company that offers a wide range services, as there are many different parts of the building that needs to be cleaned from the windows to the carpet. Thanks for the great article, I'll be sure to pass the information onto my brother so he can have a clean building for his prospective business. http://www.metromaintainers.com/office-cleaning

Oct 23 2018 02:30PM by Angelic Shaw

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Jun 26 2019 09:10AM by America's Cleaning Service LLC

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