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Having a cleaner is a luxury? But surely it shouldn’t be

By afterfivec18086469, Jun 23 2015 05:03PM

Getting back from work and knowing the house is clean and tidy is a relief. We want to find our house in a condition where we, friends or family can enjoy without having to worry about washing up, ironing or even making the bed (in the evening). We don’t always realise having these tasks done for us is one click, one phone call away and we don’t always seek the help we need or deserve.

How many of us rely on cleaners who come to the property 3 or 4 hours per week to help us out? Not many and perhaps we are missing on something that could make our lives so much easier. Some argue it is down to budget but really this is an issue we may be able to overcome. If we pay the cleaning company £12 per hour and the cleaner comes 3 hours a week in one visit we may only need to take those £36 from the occasional extra dinner out. At the end of the day we need to prioritise what comes first and probably the extra dinner out is going to be our second or third on the same weeks scale.

We all exercise cleaning one way or the other without realising all what we put into it. Cleaning our bathroom or dusting takes time and efforts away from other hobbies or pastimes. Having a cleaner should not be regarded as unaffordable, expensive but rather as an excellent way to reward ourselves. It is our free time after all! That should provide us with choices on how it is best spend. We should see this help as a way to take some responsibility away from us and invest it in the things otherwise we would not be able to do.

Rarely are any cleaning companies charging exorbitant prices for a 3 hour clean. Most of them are reputable companies which charge reasonably. Your finances should not be largely affected and having a cleaner will not break the bank.

Your lifestyle will improve. Having a cleaner can make you happier!

Mar 1 2016 04:25AM by Joseph Edwards

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Sep 7 2018 06:13AM by Post Construction Cleaning

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