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Garden maintenance is playing a greater role at the end of the tenancy agreements

By afterfivec18086469, Jul 18 2016 12:18PM

A well-kept garden adds certain amount of extra appeal. This is not always a major priority for landlords or agents . Some merely state in the tenancy agreement the outdoor areas must be kept to a “satisfactory standard”. However, any any special arrangements about the maintenance should be listed.

Over the last few years an increasing number of end of tenancy agreements are making this clause more relevant, requiring garden areas to look their best. They have always been important but perhaps now, more than ever, landlords are demanding a guarantee and, if necessary, withhold part of the deposit to pay for the maintenance. Outgoing photographs may be the ideal evidence to support any possible deductions after the tenant's departure.

Any garden services hired need to be wide ranging and versatile enough to cover a broad range of situations. Usually the company taking care of the professional clean would quote and deliver garden maintenance as an additional service. When you combine your garden services with an end of tenancy cleaning quite possibly you will be able to make some savings as a result of multiple service booking. Often the list of tasks include the basic such as tidying the garden, tree and hedge trimming, grass cutting but it may well include other more specific such as weeding, composting, last minute landscaping, land levelling, patio or driveway washing.

Again it is always worth checking with your cleaning company so they may be a one-stop-shop. There are many out there with excellent and personalized customer care providing specialist staff who can meet the landlords and agents’ expectations at the end of an agreement . Their expert advice may be valuable when it comes to decisions regarding the future well-being too. Last but not least please ensure the removal of garden waste at the end of the work is included in the quote so the areas are left as expected.

Oct 28 2016 02:35PM by Richardson

Very neatly done in 3 1/2 hours. Started at 4 and finished at 7.30. We rented a property recently and the agent forgot to clean it. the property was left very dusty and in a terribly uncleaned state so we had to book a hotel and stay outside. Our agents finally gave the responsibility of cleaning it to after 5 cleaner. I had a cal from them and after i explained my situation they accepted the request and showed up the very next day. A property that should have taken at least 6 -7 hours to clean was cleaned by their team in 3 hours. From a untidy to a shining state, every nook and corner of the house was thoroughly cleaned and was arranged and kept in a very neat way. The entire house had a very good smell. Leather sofa, wood, tiled floor, bathroom, sink, kitchen hob, fridge, oven, wardrobe, balcony, tv, washing machine, glass and everything that was there in the house was thoroughly cleaned and polished. Very neatly done. I am very happy with the fabulous they did and would definitely recommend them to all.

Mar 13 2017 06:04PM by Cay

Excellent work carried out by the team !!!

May 16 2018 10:08AM by Jack

Excellent work is done by the team, and it's really hard to clean a garden, we also provide cleaning services but we know the hurdles which are going through from it, but it's our work which speaks. http://rainbowinternational-hereford.co.uk/

Jul 4 2018 05:28PM by Service Lane

This is awesome post

Apr 16 2019 04:10AM by Office Cleaning Arlington

Maintenance is quite important part of cleaning. If you are a tenant, it is your responsibility to make sure that you organize everything properly. Garden should also be maintained nicely. One can hire these services and get it done in no time. Thanks for sharing this!
Office Cleaning Arlington

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