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Autumn is back! I am getting my home ready too

By afterfivec18086469, Sep 14 2015 09:50AM

Bye-bye summer weather means bye-bye summer clothes or garden paraphernalia. It is the time when we need to be prepared for the coming months and undoubtedly time to check what needs to be done inside the home.

We will be spending more time indoors and we need to make space for many other familiar stuff. We have a chance de-clutter. We sort through those things we are not going to use and store them in the loft and cupboards for safekeeping; out come cosy coats and thick duvets. We may replace the odd picture and bring in the brown or dark green tones to reflect what is happening outside.

There are few simple tasks which include the usual dust of light bulbs or change of filters. There are however also problems we face at this time of the year and one of them is the condensation, especially on window frames. Wiping off any mould is the best way to prevent any growth and, of course, regular maintenance plays an important role. This is the season as well for when spiders try to settle and enjoy the comforts of our walls and ceilings. Cobwebbing can be an issue and if we do not attend to, in no more than few days you will be sharing your home with many more!

Autumn can be rainy and especially if we live in a carpeted home we would need to provide alternative shoes for when we get in. Also it can be quite blustery which means leaves and branches can make their way when we open windows and doors. The fire place also requires our attention so we make sure it is not blocked or cracked.

Autumn is the perfect season to do a cleaning chore checklist while the weather is still not so bad. It is an opportunity to do a spring clean…or should we say, an “autumn clean”.

May 23 2018 12:03PM by rachan

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