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Assessing your needs for an office clean, key for a successful estimate

By afterfivec18086469, Jan 19 2016 11:10AM

We all want to work in an environment which can stay clean and organised. Prior to the hire of a cleaning company we need to establish what they are going be doing. This is an exercise which may not be as straightforward as it seems, and at times we would require the help or extra advice from the cleaning company.

Hoovering, dusting, window clean, emptying rubbish and wiping down office furniture such as desks and chairs are the essential tasks expected. Also filling the toilet paper holders, keeping soap dispensers full, being in charge of recycling areas or disposing the sanitary bins are other no less important services. A cleaning company holding both a valid Contractors Plus and Waste Carrier Certificate would be an advantage to you as you would not have to shop around and you are certain they care about the environment too.

Decide if there are any large-scale cleaning jobs that need to be regularly fulfilled such as moving filing cabinets, copy machines and heavy tables and dusting and cleaning the floors underneath. You may benefit from a deep cleaning as one off prior to any regular work following–perhaps any steam cleaned carpets or floors buffed to a shine. This might be the best start!

Write down all of the tasks that need to be completed and how often they need to be done. The cleaning company, the good one would always arrange to meet you. You can then show them around the office so they can personally assess and check the size of the premises, the frequency and difficulty of the tasks. Once you are clarified about expectations you would get a proposal for the office clean with detailed costs as well as the full terms and conditions –including if any cleaning products and equipment are to be provided.

Last but not least it is paramount for the cleaning company to create a good impression in the first meeting and start building a rapport. Normally those companies with great customer service provide the required quality cleaning results all together. These two premises go hand in hand -every time.

Jan 14 2019 03:59PM by Maggie Altman

A clean and organized office environment gives employees the freedom to concentrate on their work. Mess, clutter and dirt can be very distracting.

Jun 22 2019 10:37AM by Oriental Rug Cleaners

Oriental Rug Cleaners are a Professional Upholstery Cleaning Company, too. Our upholstery cleaning system works wonders on your upholstery, without the chemicals that can be found in other upholstery cleaners solvents. Our systems allows your furniture to dry within 1-2 hours and leaves your home smelling clean and fresh. Plus, our green cleaning solution is powerful enough to get deep down dirt out – yet gentle enough to be safe for your entire family, including your pets and kids.

Feb 29 2020 03:18PM by John

Charged £400 to clean a property that was in immaculate condition. A complete scam - take a look a the reviews for Mann Countrywide, the company they are in bed with.

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