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By afterfivec18086469, Jul 18 2016 12:18PM

A well-kept garden adds certain amount of extra appeal. This is not always a major priority for landlords or agents . Some merely state in the tenancy agreement the outdoor areas must be kept to a “satisfactory standard”. However, any any special arrangements about the maintenance should be listed.

Over the last few years an increasing number of end of tenancy agreements are making this clause more relevant, requiring garden areas to look their best. They have always been important but perhaps now, more than ever, landlords are demanding a guarantee and, if necessary, withhold part of the deposit to pay for the maintenance. Outgoing photographs may be the ideal evidence to support any possible deductions after the tenant's departure.

Any garden services hired need to be wide ranging and versatile enough to cover a broad range of situations. Usually the company taking care of the professional clean would quote and deliver garden maintenance as an additional service. When you combine your garden services with an end of tenancy cleaning quite possibly you will be able to make some savings as a result of multiple service booking. Often the list of tasks include the basic such as tidying the garden, tree and hedge trimming, grass cutting but it may well include other more specific such as weeding, composting, last minute landscaping, land levelling, patio or driveway washing.

Again it is always worth checking with your cleaning company so they may be a one-stop-shop. There are many out there with excellent and personalized customer care providing specialist staff who can meet the landlords and agents’ expectations at the end of an agreement . Their expert advice may be valuable when it comes to decisions regarding the future well-being too. Last but not least please ensure the removal of garden waste at the end of the work is included in the quote so the areas are left as expected.

By afterfivec18086469, Jan 19 2016 11:10AM

We all want to work in an environment which can stay clean and organised. Prior to the hire of a cleaning company we need to establish what they are going be doing. This is an exercise which may not be as straightforward as it seems, and at times we would require the help or extra advice from the cleaning company.

Hoovering, dusting, window clean, emptying rubbish and wiping down office furniture such as desks and chairs are the essential tasks expected. Also filling the toilet paper holders, keeping soap dispensers full, being in charge of recycling areas or disposing the sanitary bins are other no less important services. A cleaning company holding both a valid Contractors Plus and Waste Carrier Certificate would be an advantage to you as you would not have to shop around and you are certain they care about the environment too.

Decide if there are any large-scale cleaning jobs that need to be regularly fulfilled such as moving filing cabinets, copy machines and heavy tables and dusting and cleaning the floors underneath. You may benefit from a deep cleaning as one off prior to any regular work following–perhaps any steam cleaned carpets or floors buffed to a shine. This might be the best start!

Write down all of the tasks that need to be completed and how often they need to be done. The cleaning company, the good one would always arrange to meet you. You can then show them around the office so they can personally assess and check the size of the premises, the frequency and difficulty of the tasks. Once you are clarified about expectations you would get a proposal for the office clean with detailed costs as well as the full terms and conditions –including if any cleaning products and equipment are to be provided.

Last but not least it is paramount for the cleaning company to create a good impression in the first meeting and start building a rapport. Normally those companies with great customer service provide the required quality cleaning results all together. These two premises go hand in hand -every time.

By afterfivec18086469, Sep 14 2015 09:50AM

Bye-bye summer weather means bye-bye summer clothes or garden paraphernalia. It is the time when we need to be prepared for the coming months and undoubtedly time to check what needs to be done inside the home.

We will be spending more time indoors and we need to make space for many other familiar stuff. We have a chance de-clutter. We sort through those things we are not going to use and store them in the loft and cupboards for safekeeping; out come cosy coats and thick duvets. We may replace the odd picture and bring in the brown or dark green tones to reflect what is happening outside.

There are few simple tasks which include the usual dust of light bulbs or change of filters. There are however also problems we face at this time of the year and one of them is the condensation, especially on window frames. Wiping off any mould is the best way to prevent any growth and, of course, regular maintenance plays an important role. This is the season as well for when spiders try to settle and enjoy the comforts of our walls and ceilings. Cobwebbing can be an issue and if we do not attend to, in no more than few days you will be sharing your home with many more!

Autumn can be rainy and especially if we live in a carpeted home we would need to provide alternative shoes for when we get in. Also it can be quite blustery which means leaves and branches can make their way when we open windows and doors. The fire place also requires our attention so we make sure it is not blocked or cracked.

Autumn is the perfect season to do a cleaning chore checklist while the weather is still not so bad. It is an opportunity to do a spring clean…or should we say, an “autumn clean”.

By afterfivec18086469, Jun 23 2015 05:03PM

Getting back from work and knowing the house is clean and tidy is a relief. We want to find our house in a condition where we, friends or family can enjoy without having to worry about washing up, ironing or even making the bed (in the evening). We don’t always realise having these tasks done for us is one click, one phone call away and we don’t always seek the help we need or deserve.

How many of us rely on cleaners who come to the property 3 or 4 hours per week to help us out? Not many and perhaps we are missing on something that could make our lives so much easier. Some argue it is down to budget but really this is an issue we may be able to overcome. If we pay the cleaning company £12 per hour and the cleaner comes 3 hours a week in one visit we may only need to take those £36 from the occasional extra dinner out. At the end of the day we need to prioritise what comes first and probably the extra dinner out is going to be our second or third on the same weeks scale.

We all exercise cleaning one way or the other without realising all what we put into it. Cleaning our bathroom or dusting takes time and efforts away from other hobbies or pastimes. Having a cleaner should not be regarded as unaffordable, expensive but rather as an excellent way to reward ourselves. It is our free time after all! That should provide us with choices on how it is best spend. We should see this help as a way to take some responsibility away from us and invest it in the things otherwise we would not be able to do.

Rarely are any cleaning companies charging exorbitant prices for a 3 hour clean. Most of them are reputable companies which charge reasonably. Your finances should not be largely affected and having a cleaner will not break the bank.

Your lifestyle will improve. Having a cleaner can make you happier!

By afterfivec18086469, May 26 2015 07:43PM

“The workplace needs be clean and tidy”. That is the golden rule most businesses apply. If the office environment is good the staff feel better and are happier with their operational surrounding. If the office environment is clean and tidy the productivity levels are higher. Actually this has been proved!

There are many office cleaning services available who will be willing to help you, services who can actually deliver the job (and not a job) or services covered by a liability insurance of up to millions (and millions). However making the right decision is going to require a bit more than that.

A reliable and customer-centric is what you are first looking for. These are key aspects to consider when hiring. Personnel who are prepared to be there for when you need them and who you can have an open and honest rapport, welcome feedback, are responsive, people you can speak to and understand what you want and where you want to get to. Many are looking for a company that is competitive and reasonably priced but it may be better off paying a little bit more and have the re-assurance you have found the best you could ever hire. Do shop around? Surely trust should always outweigh a cheap price -every time.

You need to be on the lookout for a company which offers a wide range of services. Office cleaning nowadays encompasses so many tasks. It may well be the occasional windows inside and out, that carpet that needs to be steam cleaned, some waste to be disposed of, curtains to be dropped and collected from the laundry, specific machinery used in the office and so one -yet you do not want to hire a second company. On the other hand you may even be looking for an ultra green company which only uses environmentally harmless products.

Your cleaners should be highly trained people who understand what confidentiality means, are efficient and equally important friendly and approachable. The cleaning company you hire needs to be flexible and be able to adjust their cleaners schedule whenever you require them and without any hassle. If you have an important meeting on a certain time and day or even during a weekend you would need them there too. Some cleaning companies may charge extra if you do not give sufficient notice and a change affecting the agreed time and day is requested with less than 24 hours prior notice.

You want to work with a company which can be endorsed by previous or existing clients –even if these are your competitors (good, bad or ugly). You will be glad to hear they were or are satisfied with the level of service received.

Lastly, always make sure that your expectations fall within the limit of the cleaner service provided.

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